ReStart Safety Plan

ReStart Safety Plan

In order to ensure the safety of both you and me, this is my plan for risk-management regarding the COVID-19 virus.

I will ensure that I have no symptoms of any kind of illness before treating you.  If I should develop any symptoms, I will cancel your appointment with as much notice as possible.

I will send out an email 12 hours before your massage appointment with a mandatory screening of various COVID-19 related symptoms.  Please complete it and submit it well before your appointment time.  You must not have any symptoms for us to proceed with the appointment.  If you should get sick at the last minute, you will not be charged for your cancelled appointment.  Please call or text me at 250-642-2882 to cancel.

Before you arrive, I will have sanitized the hard surfaces in the treatment room (e.g. the table where you put your valuables, the coat tree, face rest, etc.) and, of course, I use clean table linens.

Please wear a mask and wash your hands with soap and water in my bathroom upon arrival.   I will ensure that the bathroom has been sanitized.  There is liquid hand soap and paper towels for your use.  I also have single-use fabric guest towels available.

We will talk about what you would like me to concentrate on from approximately 6 feet apart. Once you are on the massage table, I may ask you occasionally about pressure but I encourage no chatting.

I do not require you to wear a mask when lying face down but please do not talk unnecessarily.

Payment is generally through an e-transfer, direct billing or with a credit card saved to your file.  Cash is accepted as well if it is bills, not an assortment of coins.

IF you should develop any symptoms after your session, please contact me immediately.  Likewise, if I should develop symptoms, I will contact you right away.  Communication is essential for everyone’s well-being.

Massage therapy is, by its nature, a modality with very close personal contact.  It simply isn’t possible to keep 6 feet apart during the treatment portion.  I will do what I can in terms of sanitizing (and, of course, laundering linens in hot soapy water after each use).  I always wash my hands thoroughly before and after each massage treatment.

Having said that, there is a certain risk to receiving and giving massage therapy during a pandemic.  I will ask you to read and sign a COVID-19 consent form stating that you understand the procedures and risks.

If there is anything else that I can do to give you peace of mind, please let me know.