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I am now offering Life Purpose Coaching for nurses in (or approaching) retirement!  I help you find purpose and meaning in this precious stage of life.

Why nurses?  I know that nurses have  big hearts and have a strong desire – even a mission – to help others.  Now that you are no longer going to work… what will give your life meaning?  What will inspire you to get up in the morning looking forward to your day?

When people hear the term “retirement planning” I think most people think finances, not quality of life.  My approach is to help you get the most from your retirement and to have a life that you love.

My program consists of six modules.  We will look at your natural talents, your passions, your personality type and more to help you get clarity on who you are and what you want to do with your retirement years.  Yes, you could go back to work since it is familiar, but why not take the opportunity to get to know yourself?

Interested?  The next step is to book a complimentary Discovery Session click here so we can “meet” one another over Zoom.  For many nurses with long careers, the focus has always been on someone else. Now it’s your time to flourish and shine!